Pumpkin Brains Custom Carved Pumpkins

Company Logos, grandchildren, pets, zombies, Celebrities, and more! All custom-carved Jacks can be shipped anywhere in the United States and come equipped with a special light.

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Pumpkin Brains Custom Carved Watermelons

With surgical precision, watermelons make a beautiful canvas for this unique gift!

No company picnic is complete without the Boss’s face carved on a fresh watermelon!

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Pumpkin Brains Classes

Learn to Carve like a Pro!

The Pumpkin Brains philosophy is that EVERYONE can create stunning Jack O’Lanterns with just a little bit of guidance and some “try”. Or book Pumpkin Brains at your Halloween Themed Event to watch the pumpkin magic come to life.

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Thank you

This page was created for all of my family, friends, and Halloween Fans. Thank you for inspiring me to create art that can be seen all over the world, yet is only beautiful for a short time.

This weird talent has opened up a lot of doors in my life, and I hope to teach everyone how to create magical Jack O’Lanterns one day.

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Request a quote for a Custom Jack O’Lantern. Most cost around $100 and can be shipped to anywhere in the continental US with an additional fee.
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    Upload your company logo, favorite sports team, or any hi res image you are wanting carved on a pumpkin.