Pumpkin Brains Pumpkin Carving Gallery

Welcome to the Pumpkin Carving Gallery! 

As you can see, I love carving pumpkins.  I am a sports loving artist, so a lot of my pumpkin carvings are athletes, but I tend to go into nerd mode often as well.   I have only included a snippet of my work, and have excluded the majority of the commission pieces I have done.  


Thank you for the compliments.

The image quality has improved over time, but I apologize in advance for pixelated old photos.  Since I am a graphic designer by trade, I get accused of photoshopping my work a lot.  I only take it as a compliment, because if someone thinks it looks fake, then I must have been pretty spot on with my cuts.


No, I don’t carve fake pumpkins.

Taking a picture of my carvings is imperative, simply due to the fact that every one of my pumpkin carvings are rotted and mushy within days.  I get asked a lot why I don’t care Funkins (fake pumpkins) and the answer is, “they are gross.”  I don’t like to breathe their dust.  Plus, I just love the feel of the guts in my finger when I’m cleaning my pumpkins out.  I did name my website “Pumpkin Brains” after all.  The Prince Pumpkin gallery pic holds a special place in my heart because it fell over within seconds of me snapping the picture, cracking all the way up the middle.  I wasn’t too butthurt though, I got my picture.  


My Tools

I carve most pumpkins with a $.97 carving knife from Wal-Mart, a thumb tack, and a flat-head screwdriver.


Submit Your Idea

If you have an idea for a pumpkin, please Submit your idea. it here.

Thank you for visiting the Pumpkin Brains pumpkin carving gallery.   Want a custom carve for yourself? Order one here. Want to see what others think? Check out my interview by Oklahoma Magazine.