in the media

My pumpkin carvings have been in the media in a variety of ways including on local and national news stations, in newspapers, and in magazines! I have made pumpkin carvings for Comic-Con and Mix 96  as well as multiple families that get custom pumpkin carvings for birthdays, anniversaries, football games, and other reasons to celebrate the fall. Images of my work have been shared by celebrities and made their way around the globe. However, my favorite has to be Pee-wee Herman retweeting my pumpkin carving of him. It was such a fun moment!  He helped me win TMZ’s pumpkin carving contest. I take pride in what I do and am happy others see the joy a pumpkin can bring. It’s always fun sharing my craft in the media and with you. If you would like to see more pumpkin carvings, check out the Pumpkin Carving Gallery. Or to learn more about me, click here

Tulsa World

 by Jason Ashley Wright

Oklahoma Magazine

 by Mary Willa Allen