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Wildfire – A Photo Memoir

Wildfire – A Photo Memoir

Availability: Release Date October 23

ISBN: 978-1-68564-028-6


“Wildfire: A Photo Memoir” is the empowering and riveting journey of Karrah Youngblood, a fun-loving piano teacher who went head-to-head with a predator. This memoir chronicles her fight for justice against an unyielding system, her triumphant rise from enforced silence, and her commitment to ignite truth, inspiring readers to do the same. It’s a testament to resilience, the power of speaking out, and the indomitable spirit of a single mother standing her ground.


Step into the pages of the story of how Karrah Youngblood, a smart-mouthed, kind-hearted piano teacher from Oklahoma, stood up to one of the most documented predators in modern history. “Wildfire: A Photo Memoir” takes you on a visual journey revealing how an often-underestimated single mother, against all odds, went head to head with her abuser by using her creativity and inability to “move on and let him hurt the wrong girl.”   Karrah vowed to be the wrong girl.  This memoir is not about sympathy; it’s about recognizing the strength within us all.  It carries a message of resilience and empowerment, asking you to acknowledge and amplify the voices of women who often remain unheard.

Karrah’s resolve will echo loudly as she unveils her years-long battle against a serial abuser, the complicit courts of Oklahoma, and constantly being let down by law enforcement. Breaking free from her forced silence, she regains her power, illuminating a path for others to follow. This is a declaration that the time for silence is over, and the time to spread truth – like wildfire – has come.

“Wildfire: A Photo Memoir” is not just a masterclass on how to stand up to a bully, but an urgent call for action. It is an invitation to be inspired to spread her truth, your truth, and all truth like wildfire.  In the end, the voice of truth cannot be silenced. The spark of courage, once ignited, can turn into a force of nature that changes the landscape forever, and Karrah Youngblood is holding the match.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this memoir will be donated to
The Oklahoma Appleseed Center for Law and Justice and to the Survivors of Jim Luman.

Be the wrong girl.