Step 1: Dream it up

Portraits, Logos, Sports Teams, & More

What do you want on your Jack O’Lantern?


Step 2: Upload Photo

Upload a photo (located at the bottom of this page) of what you would like on your custom carved Jack O’ Lantern.  The sky is the limit!


3: Get Quote/Place Order

Most Jack O’Lanterns cost $125 and this includes the special lighting used to illuminate them.

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Because why not?

Every face looks better on a Jack O’Lantern!

Your Jack O’lantern

Each pumpkin comes hand-carved to perfection, given a bleach bath to extend the life of the gourd, and even comes with a special light calibrated specifically for Pumpkin Brains Jack O’Lanterns.

Legendary Coach Pat Jones Carved Jack O'Lantern for Television