Before ordering your customized Jack O’Lantern, please review this FAQ section.

How long do your Custom Jack O’Lanterns last?

This is the most common question I get.  Pumpkin Brains pumpkins will last 5-7 days after carving if left untouched.  However, there are maintenance tips that can extend the life of your pumpkin up to three weeks!  Every pumpkin gets a bleach bath to kill all its bacteria, preserving the longevity of the art.

Why don’t you just carve fake pumpkins or “Funkins”?

A. Because carving a pumpkin should not have to involve a Dremel tool

B.  Have you ever breathed in the dust from one of those things?  Yucky!


Why would I spend over $100 on something that’s not going to last forever?

Do people ask this question to ice sculpture artists?

Do you ship?

All pumpkins can be Overnighted by FedEx at an additional charge.

Do you sell your patterns?

No, I currently do not sell or produce my pumpkin patterns for distribution.  However, if you would like access to dozens of high quality pumpkin patterns, I highly recommend