About Me, Karrah Youngblood

There was never a time in my life that I remember not carving a pumpkin for Halloween. It started when I was a little girl, carving with my mother, and has moved into a passion project. At the age of 25, I found I could use skills I had as a graphic designer to make pumpkins really come to life. I was no longer just Karrah Youngblood, the graphic designer, I was now Karrah Youngblood, the pumpkin carver. What a cool title!

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Soon I was creating characters, friends, and even loved ones who passed away. I even had friends message me from around the world who had seen my work. It literally blew my mind! Each person who saw Elton John or Kevin Durant was seeing something I see every day. They were seeing how daggum cool pumpkin carving can really be!

As my skill improved, I was invited to Halloween Wars on the Food Network and started routinely carving for publications, businesses, and individuals. Queue in Pumpkin Brains.

What strikes me the most about carving is that each carve is literally rotting away as I work. It sounds morbid, I know, but like life each carve is temporary but no less worth it.

As I continue to grow and push my carving ability, I want to help others see how cool carving can be. To bring them into a community that welcomed me with open arms. This is represented in my own home by teaching my daughter how to carve and passing on the tradition that got me so hooked in the first place. I hope to do the same with each of you.