Daveed Diggs Pumpkin Carving

I started out the Hamilton Project with a Leslie Odom Jr Pumpkin Carving.  My daughter asked me which character I would love to play the most, and I picked Aaron Burr.  He has a ringmaster vibe to him that I adore.  

First of all, I am carving the Hamilton Project in order of appearance.  Second of all, I cannot think of a better start to my project than Aaron Burr. I will never forget the first time we heard Leslie Odom Jr sing.  I had been avoiding the Hamilton soundtrack in fear of spoilers.  In turn, watching the movie on Disney+ was the first time I had my first taste of such a musical masterpiece. I couldn’t believe how much I immediately loved everything about it.  Not only did I love it, but my 13 year old daughter was instantly obsessed as well.  What a beautiful story with a beyond-talented cast.

Leslie Odom Jr Pumpkin Carving

Leslie Odom Jr Pumpkin Carving

Leslie Odom Jr Pumpkin Carving - The first carving of the Hamilton Project is Leslie Odom Jr as Aaron Burr, Sir! My daughter asked me which Hamilton Character I would love to play the most. I chose Aaron Burr because I love the ringmaster vibe he has going for him.

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